About Us

We are a company registered both in the US and Nepal. Our customers count on us as a One Stop Solution whether they need Analysts to do market research, want to start a business and need Graphic Designers to design product for prints, want Web Designers for making services available online or need marketers to grow their business. And we have it taken care of, because at Ai-interf, we care. Sign up for a free consultation for your business. Given below are the services we provide.


Business Intelligence

We calculate and enable different metrics such as KPIs and Business. We helps analyze company data which leads to a better business decision.


Data Analytics

Our services are focused on customer analytics, risk analytics, statistical analysis, market research and much more.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps to forecast what might happen in the future with an acceptable realiability. Predictive analysis includes what-if scenarios that show potential risks and solution.


Web Designing

In times like these, a physical presence is not enough when most people are digitally engaged. We provide the digital presence for companies by creating websites and putting them on the internet.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a crucial tool that makes sure that you communicate with your people in an efficient manner. Businesses or others require graphic designs to convey a message clearly. We at AI-Interf, thrive to provide the different kind of design like logo, banner and many more.



AI-INTERF is such a platform that helps you organization to reach your target customer and make them believe in you. We have been helping different business to grow big and make difference in the community. We provide digital and on field marketing support to your business.



Since we have been able to establish ourselves as a company that is good at what we do, we have been enouraged to provide training and we do provide trainings so that individuals and institutions can start new practices in their ventures to succeed in business and organizations.



Reuben Bett, CEO of Zuri Freights

I had great service with Al-Interf. I recommend it.

Rico Almaraz, Founder of ARC816

Pride, integrity, and commitment are just a few terms defining Al-Interf. Professionals who will escalate your IT systems to the next level.

Nikesh Shrestha, Client

One of the best graphics companies in Kathmandu so far. Very friendly place and affordable price.


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