Tenzin Dundul . 24th January, 2021

What if IT wouldn’t have developed?

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It’s already in the age of technology where human beings have developed a lot to encounter convenient life. Human’s dependence on technology is increasing with the flow of time. For instance, people have already started using automatic robots to replace their work for primarily getting more leisure time. And in the place of taking a month long time to mail has shifted to instant mailing systems. And there are more endless examples to be put. All above transformations were carried out with advancement in the field of technology.
Going next to the core point, it definitely takes a big mind to brainstorm. Yet as far as I am concerned, human’s socialization process would have been completely different one if IT sector was not developed. Despite this hard time of pandemic, technology has made everything possible including virtual learning, virtual discussion, virtual family gathering and so forth. In every challenge, advancement in technology has somehow tried to bring better alternatives. If we are not gifted with the favor of IT, we would have stuck in most challenges without getting appropriate remedy out of it. The pace of modernization would have been far slower since one of the major modernization factors is carried out by the IT sector. Social influences would be far lesser.
In one way, IT has played an extremely big role in making our life very comfortable. Let me justify with a simple example, human’s life has become so convenient that IT has produced elevators instead of climbing up stairs by walk. There is a vacuum cleaner instead of that old system of booming our floors. IT has made even possible of appearing and hearing the voice of someone who is miles distance away etc,
In one sense, development in the IT sector is a very tragic discovery of human beings. IT has even made it possible to destroy this spacious and beautiful planet with a single press. And human health is found to be diminished after increasing use of the technologies. And as far as I am concerned, along it’s vague benefits, technology has made humans so lazy that we find a way to do something with the help of technology in any case...