Karma Gurung . 18th February, 2021

S01E01: Five Minutes with Founders

Our 1st Five Minutes with Founders gladly starts with Rico Almaraz, founder of ARC816. Here are the highlights from uncut version of the interview.

What was the reason to start business?
Passion. Eventually what you love, you'll come back to it. Sooner or later.

Why should people come to you and not go somewhere else?
The premium quality of services we provide at lower price.

What are the services provided?
Housing foundation, roofing, doors, windows, single room or whole house.

What is your message to listeners?
Focus on your goal, enjoy the journey, mistakes happen but don't give up.

Contact Information:
Phone: (816) 529-6670
Email: arc@awesomeeprojects.com
Site: https://www.arc816.com/‚Äč
Address: 4825 E 8th St, Kansas City, MO, USA