Urgen Tsomo . 30th December, 2020

Online Classes in Nepal

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In Nepal, online classes have been the trending topic.Everyone from the secondary and primary level now has a good idea about it and it's advantages. Learning never ends. In spite of all that is happening around the world, school and teachers are putting a lot of effort to run classes online.

Here are some experiences from those taking and running online classes through zoom.
One of my friend shared,”I didn’t expect that the outbreak of covid-19 would be so serious and so long. About the lockdown, online classes are running better but have been difficult for those students who lack the Internet at their home and wherever they are staying during the long lockdown. Because of which many of the students miss their course. Electricity, and family who cannot afford online classes, have been seen as the major problem.”

About doing the zoom class, I do tell stories to the students of class two and three during the class,it feels great to tell a story to them and sometimes we do make jokes and have fun time.
But it feels bad when the electricity goes out and one cannot attend the class.

One of the college students taking online H.A class says, “Actually, I wasn't familiar with the topic online class. For me it was new and I was excited to learn how it works. I am now somehow familiar with the so-called technology, Zoom. Thanks to the world of technology.”In my opinion, many Nepali students didn't have the concept of the virtual learning class but got the chance to learn more during the lockdown. Online classes are somehow effective and useful if one can pay attention and is more useful than sitting and surfing the social media.

Additionally, online classes are making people active and mentally healthy. It is letting us make the best use out of our free time. Due to virtual classes we can see some students eagerly working hard even during the pandemic. Many schools send off their students back to their homes, while some head towards their village. They are stuck in their respective hometown far away from their school and are hardly getting the opportunity to join online classes. Those with far and remote places usually don't have internet facilities.

I recommend any other schools who haven't started online classes to start doing so, so that students in Nepal can also be familiar with the process of online class and take advantage of it.