Tenzin Dhundul . 8th July, 2021

My experience of learning online education

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My experience of learning online education.
Being a student from a remote region, where internet facilities are limited. A grade 10 student, when he was supposed to give his Secondary Education Examination (SEE) just 20 hours later, the National Government imposed the nationwide lockdown in the fight against the pandemic. Since then, the only option to adopt was to shift the social activities to the online methodology.
Physical classes, seminars, office work, and many other things were shifted to an online form. As a student, I first learned that I had to install a zoom app to conduct classes and workshops. In the following days, I hardly got into a zoom session and I had to struggle to know which button carries what function. The biggest issue I had was not being able to connect the device audio. Eventually, I got more familiar with buttons like mute on/off, joining audio, and camera on/off. The thing that fascinates me the most was seeing the feature of screen sharing.
As time passed on, I became much more familiar with online learning technology. A couple of years back, my interest was driven by those sophisticated technologies that aid a lot in making human life far more convenient. My keen dream of becoming an IT expert was made a step closer by the implementation of online education as this can be resembled with the saying of Alber Einstein, “In the midst of every challenge, there lies an opportunity”. The complete one year of online education made me a completely different person. Especially one being a computer student, I feel fortunate to learn the necessary things that I had to learn more practically and less theoretically. I believe only games teach us how to play.
However, my comparative research among virtual class and in-campus learning approaches tells that the subject matter that we learn via virtual class is less productive than that of physical class. Relating the conclusion with a fact scenario, when preparing for my ongoing college exam, the gap between the subject contents we learned in a physical class and an online class is notably clear. But as I stipulated the wide range of benefiting aspects of online education. It works only when one is determined enough to learn by self-research rather than merely listing the teacher’s lectures. For me being a Computer student, I learned far more than I would have learned in a physical class.