Tenzin Dundul . 30th April, 2021

How effective is online education ?

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Over the last few years, the world’s education system has extensively shifted towards an online approach. The pandemic has urged everyone to do everything indoors. Meantime, the development of online education has helped millions of learners across the world that would have been impossible if an epidemic had closed schools even a decade or two earlier. Therefore, rapid development in the field of technology has really been an outstanding gift to human existence.
However, online education can’t provide all the on-campus learning environments. Even, some research says, online classes going on are just helping 5% of the students in accruing proper knowledge, remaining all 95% have found to have difficulties in understanding and comprehension aspect, feeling bored and getting distracted in many ways. That directly affects the students to lose motivation in their learning process. In that way, we can justify that the online teaching approach is not effective as that of the in-person learning strategy. But it is far better than not having anything especially during tough times like this pandemic.
We have also come to experience lots of beneficial aspects of online education that are impossible in an on-campus learning environment. Online, the teacher is not only the option from whom you can ask any queries and make your doubt clarified. You have bundles of resources that are freely available. And more interesting thing is that you have a record option too which allows you to review the content as much as you want. But we know, we can’t go back and review those old classes we had in case of physical class. And many more of such benefiting aspects are there to put.