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Sofós . 20th May


Computer Computers have been around for several generations. They may have changed their physical forms, but the main essence of computation remains. The computers of the beginning of the 1900s look much different from what we use now. Much like... Read More

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Tenzin Dundul . 30th April

How effective is online education ?

Over the last few years, the world’s education system has extensively shifted towards an online approach. The pandemic has urged everyone to do everything indoors. Meantime, the development of online education has helped millions of learners across... Read More

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Karma Gurung . 18th February

S01E01: Five Minutes with Founders

Our 1st Five Minutes with Founders gladly starts with Rico Almaraz, founder of ARC816. Here are the highlights from uncut version of the interview. What was the reason to start business? Passion. Eventually what you love, you'll come back to... Read More

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Sweet Ale . 24th January

Zoom as an Effective Online Conferencing

Zoom is the video conferencing tool for virtual meetings and now is widely used by students and teachers. It is indeed the need of every school. Zoom is a video conferencing tool for virtual meetings and hangouts. It can be used for work and to... Read More

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Tenzin Dundul . 24th January

What if IT wouldn’t have developed?

It’s already in the age of technology where human beings have developed a lot to encounter convenient life. Human’s dependence on technology is increasing with the flow of time. For instance, people have already started using automatic robots to... Read More

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Urgen Tsomo . 30th December

Online Classes in Nepal

In Nepal, online classes have been the trending topic.Everyone from the secondary and primary level now has a good idea about it and it's advantages. Learning never ends. In spite of all that is happening around the world, school and teachers are... Read More

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Urgen Tsomo . 19th November

The core of happiness, rethinking education

Have you ever heard of a non-profit organization that conducts various programs at free of cost? Here we have explored and researched about Edulift. Well, the term Edulift is derived from the concept, education and upliftment: Edulift. Edulift... Read More