Where Analytical Intelligence is Interfaced


Nepal has an unemployment rate close to 50% according to the CIA. Focusing on a niche market of Analytical Intelligence, we will contribute to improving the employment rate of Nepal by establishing AI-Interf. The function of AI-Interf is to teach students the technology at an affordable rate, and to develop a new and advanced intelligence tool to serve the analytical needs of small and medium scale companies both in Nepal and abroad.

Business Strategy

The business plan is divided into two phases, AI-Interf I and AI-Interf II. The purpose of the AI-Interf I is to teach technology and to raise some fund for phase AI-Interf II. The purpose of AI-Interf II, which will happen after 6-12 months of Phase I, is to develop the tool, Analytical Intelligence - Interface (AI-Interf).

Where revenue is mazimixed through data
Where jobs are created

Our Philosophy

While building the tool, on one hand we will hire experienced engineers to work on it. On the other hand, we will hire the students on a 6-12 months contract basis to provide work experience before doing placement on relevant jobs. Doing so, we hope to equip many Nepali youths with technical skills, provide job placements and for some, provide jobs at AI-Interf.



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